CPC Optimiser Tool

Discover terms and topics that you can include in your article to attract adverts with higher CPC.

Create text that attracts advertisers that pay higher CPC

Attract advertisers that pay higher CPC

If your website content is already written, and you wish to increase your CPC revenues, you can use the CPC Optimiser to see which related terms you can include in your article that will help attract advertisers that pay higher CPC.

Include content related to key terms

If you add terms that are out of context, your pages may end up getting penalised. You must include content that is related to the key terms. All techniques that are considered good SEO practices, including content optimisation for positioning, also have a positive effect on achieving a higher revenue percentage.

Add information to your article that is relevant to your users

The aim is not to write articles made up of keywords that pay high CPC, nor to write your articles with the intention of generating higher revenues. The objective is to add information to your article that is relevant to your users and that enables you to attract advertisers that pay higher CPC. When you include terms to achieve higher CPC, we recommend you do so in titles and in the text as close as possible to where you are going to place your ads.

Search for keywords in your article
on the CPC Optimiser tool

Based on the kind of ad you want to attract, you can choose which terms pay more

Insert them into your article


Precision Ratios

  • An average of 17% of the terms generated are not related to the given keyword.
  • The percentage of terms that could help you improve your revenues and that do not appear on this list cannot be calculated, as with enough creativity there are an unlimited number of terms that can attract better adverts.
  • Even so, the terms that appear on this list have proven to be very useful in CPC optimisation.
  • Currently the tool works best in the United States with results in English.

CPC Adjustments

CPC is the cost per click that the advertiser pays for a specific term. For your convenience we only display terms with high competition and high long-term demand.

Keep in mind that your PPC (the payment you eventually receive for each click) varies depending on:

  • The quality of your website.
  • The quality of your article.
  • The country of the users that click on your adverts.

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