Content Analyser

Receive a list of suggestions that you can use to improve your article

Evaluate your score in the following areas


Identifies whether or not you have enough proof terms in your article to convey that your article really talks about your keyword.


Determines whether your content explores and innovates in the subject that you are covering.


Ensures that your content is completely original and does not appear on other websites, which could affect your site’s positioning.


Determines whether the language and syntax you use is appropriate for your target audience, or if you have to simplify it. Search engines value the use of straightforward language and short sentences.

Key Terms

Identifies which terms are actually necessary to associate your content with a keyword, and informs you if you need fewer or more terms to adjust to the advised range.

Magnet Terms

Show you the combination of key terms that will lead you to the most direct and strongest association with your goal keywords.

Analyse your Content


With the content analyser, you can analyse a website or a text that you type in.


You will receive a list of suggestions that you can use to improve your website.


Remember that the final aim is to improve the text quality for users and search engines; all the changes you make to your articles must be guided towards user experience improvement.


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